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Kampala Medical & Allied Health Workers Cooperative Society (KAMACOS) is a non-profit autonomus organization whose purpose is to bring together medical proffessionals and allied health workers for economic development and humantarian service. Its a non-political and a non secterian organization open to all people regardless of race, gender religion and political preference.


Improved access to quality, affordable and universally acceptable health care


Our moto is "Cooperation for Healthcare Transformation and Development"

The main emphasis is to put on literacy which is achieved by offering conferences on financial management and personal development.

The organization also carries out community outreach program through which health promotion and education are offered to the general public as well as treatment of common diseases


Core values

  1. Equity
  2. Transparency
  3. Integrity
  4. Mutual responsibilty
  5. Social resposibility


KAMACOS is a non-secterian organization open to all health proffessionals regardless of their economic status. Members are required to pay a membership fee of $30 and buy at least two shares of $15 each.

Prospecting cooperators should always think about the role of service in their lives so as to be able to take part in most of the cooperative activities


  1. improve and empower members economically
  2. provide quality and affordable health care
  3. undertake research and ecducation in all spheres of medicine
  4. establishment of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment
  5. partner with local, regional, national and international organizations to work on health related issues
  6. Health, education, nutrition and community health initiatives

Why Us

KAMACOS's main focus is promoting economic developement among cooperators and provision of quality and affordable health care

The organization promotes friendship, developes leadership, proffessional development, research and entertainment.

The organization also avails various opportunities to members and communities.

Welcome to KAMACOS

KAMACOS!! A Coperative with Innovative Approach to its cause

KAMACOS always ensures that whatever is done is inline with the cause and vision.

Every member is accountable

Highest Quality Care

Complete Medical Solutions in One Place

Nothing is imposible when minds are put together, KAMACOS units medical works workers of all kinds, meaning no medical problem goes unsolved once you contact us. KAMACOS, YOUR HOPE


Happy Patients


Qualified Doctors


Clinic Rooms


Local Partners

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