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Return To School Medical Check-up

Safe return back to school check up? Is mandatory basic medical examinations done on all pupils or students returning to school after holidays. These medical tests are carried out to ensure students start the term or semester smoothly and to ensure good health of all students. Many times pupils or students miss to do medical checkups when parents are requested to do so when returning them to school for study and end up bringing back to school sick unhealth children who fall sick immediately they return. Some students in fact die in dormitories because are not examined on return to school, those who brought back unchecked but sick cost the school heavily in treatments for diseases they came with from homes, others carry with them disease from their homes and infect colleagues at school. Return back to school medical check-ups ensure all pupils or students reporting back to school are in good health state. Those found sick or their health found to be wanting go with parents/guardians back home and be treated before resuming studies or otherwise as maybe deemed necessary. Early detection of illnesses helps; the pupil or student to learn well, saves the school and parents from undesired incidences and costs, avoid cross infections i.e. ensures disease does not spread from person to others.

Services are customized accord to the need of the school and the ability of the same to meet the costs.

The actual costs per child is determined after agreement on which tests are to be done and therefore its relative.

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