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Registered Members Democratically elects leaders who oversees the technical management of the scheme. Requirements: Membership, Deposit book, 1 Share, Annual Subscription.


1. Membership Fee is 100,000/= (Paid once)

2. Share Bought at 50,000/= (Each)

3. Deposit Book at 5,000/=

4. Annual Subscription is 20,000/= (Paid Every Year)

6. Members with a minimum of 2 shares qualifies to get Easy Loan from the SACCO at an interest not exceeding 5%

7. Member accesses the loan up to X3 their share holding

8. No security, orgage ie required for a member to get the loan. However, two guarantors are required and these

should be members of good standing in terms of shares.

9. All deposits should be through the bank account and deposit slips should be receipt by the cashier or fund manager at office.

(Centenary Bank Account No. 3100063518 OR Equity Bank Account No.1035202536247.

Account Name: Kampala Medical and Allied Health Workers Cooperative Society Limited)

10. Office Location: Uganda Cooperative Alliance Building Basement (Inside Cooperative Medical Center)

OR at Cooperative Medical Center located on Nasser Road, Opposite Dembelyo Mall.

For More Information Please Contact:

Telephone: 0704598736/ 0780990334

Email: OR


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