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Receive Deposits for Medical Cover and Provide Clients with Medical Access Cards, ''Cooperative Medical Access"


1. Membership Fee is 20,000/=

2. Monthly Premium at; 10,000/= (Individual), 20,000/= (Family not exceeding 3 members).

For Family with members exceeding 3 is 20,000/= Plus 5,000/= for every extra member

3. Disease to be covered under this insurance include; Malaria test and treatment, Typhoid test and treatment,

Common cold and Cough treatment, UTI testing and Treatment, Minor injuries and Cuts.

4 Covers Cost of treatment not exceeding; 240,000/= (For an individual per year), 500,000/= (Family not exceeding 3 members per year) and

500,000/= Plus 130,000 (Each extra person for family exceeding 3 members per year)

5. The money is to be paid or deposited directly to the Clinic account through the bank or by Agent banking indicating

clearly the details of the depositor and then deposit slips presented to officer for crediting the card.

Centenary Bank Account No. 3100063518 (A/c. Name: Kampala Medical and Allied Health Workers Cooperative Society Limited)

6. This insurance covers only Out Patient Department Care (OPD) at Cooperative Medical Centers as well as acredited facilities.

For more information please contact us on,

Telephone: 0780102036

Email: or


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